This semester

It has been a crazy semester.  I really enjoyed being in the classroom with students and working with them on a writing project.  The memoirs written by the students ranged from really great to good, with some students not being interested in the process.  The found poems were all really wonderful and fun for the students.  They also got to add some artwork-which was really fun for the artists in the classroom.

The writing process for me isn’t extremely easy either, but I was able to do some writing that I felt proud of.  All in all I feel very content with the end of the semester!


The memories my phone keeps – Photoku powerpoint


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More Poems

So Much Depends…

So much depends upon

a scarf.

Blue, red, purple, or white

covering you and

keeping you warm.

Making your way through the


happy the snow is staying

off your neck.

Small Poem

I’ve never been a fan of pink,

But something about them struck me.

Now they’re worn and falling apart.

The laces are breaking,

the canvas has holes.

Everyone had a pair then,

but I can’t let mine go.

I want to see the world:

The Great Barrier Reef

The Eiffel Tower

Big Ben

The Pyramids

Taj Mahal

I want to see the world:

The Grand Canyon

Niagra Falls

the Hollywood Sign

Sin City

the Alamo

Yale and Harvard

I want to see the world:

The Outer Banks

Kitty Hawk

More of the Blue Ridge Parkway

I want to see my world:

The house I grew up in

The schools I went to

My sister’s graduation

St. Mary’s Chapel where my parents got married

I want to see the world.

Found poem:

We first met


Her strength


A kindred spirit

Happy, peaceful, organized

From: “Organization mom” by Raven Snook (Better Homes & Gardens)

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Acrostic Poem














O-oldest child


Portrait Poem


Indecisive, goofy, and God fearing,

Sister of Mason and Reagan,

Lover of movies, food, and mountains,

Who feels at peace when I’m at home, loved when I’m with friends, and satisfied when I’m learning,

Who needs family, food, and sleep,

Who gives support, love, and advice

Who fears loud noises, spiders, and small spaces,

Who would like to see the Great Coral Reef, heaven, and the red carpet,

Resident of Boone, NC,


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I am definitely new to blogs.  Some of my classes in the past have asked me to use them to some degree, but I didn’t truly embrace the idea.  As someone who is self-proclaimed computer illiterate-this should be a fun semester!

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